This page is for all of you who are just as big nerds as me when it comes to instruments
in general and guitars in particular. I have put together a little info about some of my
favorite instruments made by great luthiers.

Vaña F5 Master model mandolin 2012

A wonderful F-style mandolin built by Czech master luthier Miroslav Vaña. The mandolin has a Adirondack (red spruce) top and American red maple back and sides.
It's one of the best mandolins I've ever played and I recommend all of you to check out Vaña instruments.
Miroslav Vana's homepage

Åstrand Å-OM 12-string guitar

Ted built this 12-string for me in 2020 and it's the best 12-string I've ever played. I love it!
It has a European spruce top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard.
Åstrand guitars homepage

Åstrand Å-OR guitar

My second guitar by Ted Åstrand is a Å-OR (built 2016) and it's amazing! It's based on slope shoulder dreadnought but has been Åstrandified to match my every wish. It features a torrified Adirondack spruce top and beautiful Jaguar figured mahogany back and sides. It also features a slotted head stock, a sound port and a K&K trinity pickup.
At first I thought that I would use this guitar with standard tuning but it sounded so good with BEBEBF# so I had to keep it that way.
It's amazing how Ted's guitars just gets better and better by each one he builds! Even though all his guitars are great, this one is the best one I've played. It's very beautiful and built with extreme accuracy and every detail is well thought out and executed with precision. The sound is big and round and I can just sit and play it forever.
Fun facts: OR stands for Oskar Reuter and I'm super proud for having my own Åstrand model.
Ted Åstrand's homepage

Åstrand Å-OM guitar

Stockholm based luthier Ted Åstrand has built this incredible guitar for me. It sounds amazing and the handcraft of the instrument is flawless.
Ted is a young builder who already is on his way to becoming one of the best guitar builders in the business. My guitar built in 2015 has a European spruce top (moon spruce), Brazillian rosewood back and sides and a Honduras mahogany neck. To amplify the guitar I have combined a LR Baggs Lyric and a K&K Pure mini.

Visit Ted's website for more information about his wonderful instruments.
Ted Åstrand homepage

Runesson cittern

This instrument could be called a lot of things like: cittern, an octave mandolin with an extra pair of strings, a mandola of some kind, but I have chosen to call it a cittern.
It's build 2017 in all out of Swiss wood and features a spruce top, cherry back and sides, sound port and a K&K trinity pickup. It's a beautiful instrument that has Tyko's personal finish and looks. It sounds great with a nice low end and is really fun to play.
Tyko Runesson is a luthier based in Wintherthur, Switzerland. He builds many different kinds of stringed instruments and have a unique style that I find really appealing and interesting.
Tyko Runesson's homepage

Nordwall 10-string mandolin

A 10-string mandola/madolin built by Mats Nordwall in 2017.
Its got a nice spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, a sound port, a nice litte bras tail piece made by Mats and a K&K trinity system pickup. I have chosen to tune it DADAE so it feels a bit like and soprano cittern.
It sounds really nice and since it is brand new it will only grow in sound.
Mats Nordwall's homepage    

Johannes Mayr Nyckelharpa

This nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) is made in 2017 by Johannes Mayr from Breitscheidt, Germany.
It has four rows of keys (a standard harp has three) and is tuned like a fiddle (EADG). The standard tunig for a nyckelharp is ACGC so my harp (also called a fiddel harp) is somewhat easier to play fiddle tunes on which is what I like to do.

Johannes Mayr's Homepage

Nyckelharpa Olov Johansson

A traditional 3 row chromatic nyckelharpa built by the master of Nyckelharpa Olov Johansson from Väsen.
The body is built in spruce, the keys birch and the tailpiece maple. It's got a beautiful big,warm sound and I love it!

Olov's Homepage

Leif Eriksson Moraharpa

Everyone needs a hobby. This is mine.
The moraharp is the oldest version of the Keyed fiddle (Nyckelharpa). The ancient once used to be diatonic but this super modern version is cromatic. Built by Leif Eriksson in 2015

Leif Eriksson's homepage