Photo: Gunnar Hall


In the fall 2020 Oskar joined the Norwegian/Swedish powerfolk band SVER.

The other band members are:
Olav Luksengård Mjelva - hardanger fiddle, fiddle
Anders Hall - viola, fiddle
Leif Ingvar Ranøien - two row accordion
Jens Linell - percussion
Oskar Reuter - guitar


Photo: Ann-Charlotte Rugfelt Ferm

Grit Quartet

This quartet is sprung out of the duo Oskar & Jonathan and have been working under the name Panna mot Panna but have now found a new name worthy of their musical power.
Jonathan Larsson - Accordion
Guro Kvifte Neheim - Hardanger d'more
Anna Larsson - Guitar, vocals
Oskar Reuter - Nyckelharpa


Photo: Karl Krook

Oskar & Jonathan

Oskar & Jonathan has been playing together for many years, both as a duo and in Goodland trio. In this duo their love for playing the polska really comes to life. Occasionally other type of dance tunes may appear in their repertoire.

Jonathan Larsson - accordion
Oskar Reuter - Nyckelharpa and guitar

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Photo: Lisa Reuter

Reuter/Norberg duo

När en strängmagiker och en saxofonfantom slår sina påsar ihop kan allt hända. I detta fallet blir det dock mest polskor och andra goa bitar.

Martin Norberg - saxofon, flöjter
Oskar Reuter - Nyckelharpa, gitarrer

Anette Wallin trio

Anette Wallin trio spelar mestadels visor och låtar ur den halländska låtskatten.

Anette Wallin - fiol, sång
Pers-Nils Toft - klarinett, durspel
Oskar Reuter - 12-strängad gitarr

Photo: Harald Nilsson

Hanna & Oskar

Hanna and Oskar are equality fond of playing folk music from Sweden, Scotland and USA as well as music from Bach and baroque music as long as it is a nice tune. With fiddle and 12-string guitar the duo discovers new ways of developing the tradition of fiddle and guitar duo playing.

Hanna Eliasson - fiddle
Oskar Reuter - 12-string guitar

Photo: Peter Lloyd

Gustavsson Johansson & Reuter

Firas bör plays traditional music from that in some way has its origin from the city of Göteborg and the area around this once great seaport.
Jenny Gustavsson - fiddle
Emma Johansson - flute and vocals
Oskar Reuter - guitars

Music and homepage will be avalible soon.
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Photo: Kristin Lidell

Goodland Trio

With soprano saxophone, accordion and guitar Goodland Trio invites you to their warm soundscapes. Groovy, responsive and sincerely the trio plays their self-composed folk music where the frequent interaction is the focus.
Hanna Wiskari Griffiths - soprano saxophone
Oskar Reuter - 12- and 6-string guitar
Jonathan Larsson - accordion

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Photo: Donovan van Martens


Indiefolktrion is independent and expressive. The group writes music that is soft and rich. They use their instruments to express existence teeming variability and nonverbal dance. Melodic nutrients taken from Swedish folk music, jazz and baroque. There is a longing and melancholy. But sometimes the music is shaped into a big smile.
Oskar Reuter - mandolin
Erik Dahl - piano
Vikor Turegård - bas

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Photo: Anna Gillbom

The Woods

Power polska and bogaloopolka. Muscle Folk on speed.
Oskar Reuter - mandolin
Arvid Kästel - piano
Erik Gunnars Risberg - fiddle
Anton Davidsson - Drums

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Sofia Assarsson- vocals
Kristoffer Åhsberg - guitar, banjo, vocals
Pelle Hedeblom - bass, vocals
Erik Gunnars Risberg - fiddle
Oskar Reuter - mandolin, guitar, vocals

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